Amazon Fire Stick Alexa

Amazon fire TV stick allows you to have the live streaming of the  Tv shows, songs, movies from the Amazon Prime video, Netflix, Hotstar, Gana and many others. All you need is to connect the Amazon Fire TV stick with your HDTV and you are all set to start streaming.

The device is very easy to set up and as it is pre-registered to your Amazon account, so you do not need to register as you can directly plug it to your HDTV and enjoy watching your favorite shows. With Amazon Fire TV stick, you can have the access over the thousands of Hollywood, Bollywood and local movies along with the songs, TV shows and games.

To set up the Amazon Fire TV stick, just follow the simple amazon fire tv setup instructions.

Before you start, make sure that:

  • TV is compatible.
  • You have an internet connection.
  • You have Amazon account

How to set up Amazon fire TV stick?

Step 1

Take out the Amazon Fire tv stick, you will find the HDMI and USB port. Now, you need to plug in the USB power cord to free stick’s Micro USB Port and plug the other end to the power adapter.

Step 2

Connect the power adapter with a power outlet.

Important: Always use the power adapter, not the powered USB port.

Step 3

Plug power sticks to your TV’s HDMI port. Do remember the port number of HDMI  as you will be required to turn on the related HDMI channel on the television.

Step 4

Turn on the TV and open the correspondent HDMI input channel. Logo of Fire TV stick will get appeared on your screen, the process might consume some time, so stay calm.

Step 5

Now, set up the Firestick remote. For this, Insert two AAA batteries present in the box. There should be an automatic pairing between the remote and firestick. But, if it is not paired, then you need to tap the home button for approximately 10 to 12 seconds by your remote.

The fire stick will move to the discovery mode and pairing will get done. If you don’t know how to use firestick remote, you can contact our customer service for Amazon fire stick Alexa for the help.

Step 6

Connect firestick to the internet by following the provided instructions. Connect to the wifi by entering the security credentials. You can also save the password for future use.

Step 7

Get registered with Amazon account, if you ordered the device from Amazon, then it will be pre-registered.  After Amazon fire stick account setup, you are all set to use Amazon fire Tv stick.

Step 8

All done, a video will get displayed on the screen showing that how to use or navigate the Fire TV.

Once you  Setup Amazon Fire Stick, you can enjoy watching the different shows and channels with firestick apps. If you are still not satisfied with the services, you can contact us.

How to Connect Fire TV Stick to Alexa? Fire Stick Alexa Setup

You can connect the fire TV stick with Alexa to control your fire TV with the Alexa-enabled device.

Important: Few of the Alexa enabled devices cannot control the fire TV and Alexa app is one of them.

Steps to link the Fire TV stick to Alexa Device

To have, Amazon fire stick Alexa setup, open the Alexa app on your IOS or Android device.

Now click on the menu button which is represented by three horizontal like and present at the upper left corner of the screen.

Choose the books, music, and videos from the drop-down menu.

Select the Fire TV option present within the Video Section.

Tap to like the Alexa Device.

The available fire TV device list will be displayed with a radio button for each. Choose the device you want to link and click on continue.

Now you can see the list of Alexa enabled devices, each device accompanied by the checkbox. Choose the device you want to use for controlling your fire TV and then tap on the link button.

The updated list of the linked device will be visible to you in the app. Now you can also link or unlink another amazon fire stick with Alexa, as per your wish.

Amazon Fire TV stick support for Amazon Fire Stick Alexa

With Amazon Fire TV stick, you can have access to the multiple applications and channels like Sling, Netflix, VUDU, Spotify, NBA and the news channels. This means you can have streaming of the live content from the multiple channels.

Also, you can play the game on your HDTV.  the most important requirement for the streaming is an internet connection. But, while you are working on it, you might face the different types of issues such as wireless trouble shootings and many more. To sort out those issues, you require a customer support.

Some common issues that you might face with your Amazon fire stick are mentioned below:

    • Display issues.
    • Blank screen issues.
    • Buffering issues.
  • Amazon fire stick setup problems
    • Issues with certain applications
    • Video and audio issues.
  • Firestick remote troubleshooting issues

You might even face amazon fire stick registration problems, but no need to get worried as our Fire Stick Alexa Setup customer support team is always there help you. We will help you out in sorting all the trouble by providing you with the right support and guidance.

So if your fire stick is not working, then contact us now and get the instant customer support. We will provide you with the well-defined assistance as per your requirement. Our certified technicians are available 24 /7 to help you Amazon Fire Stick Alexa, so contact us anytime you want.

We do not provide the customer support only for the Amazon Fire TV stick, but also for all the streaming devices. For the expert guidance, contact us now for fire stick Alexa setup.

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