Alexa (the name is inspired from Alexandria’s library ) is a voice control system launched by Amazon. This system allows you to share your desire with echo smart speaker so that you can see them getting fulfilled such as turn on the music, controlled the smart home devices and much more.

Alexa app is actually a companion to the Alexa device, by using the Alexa app, you can listen to the news, weather updates, listen to your favorite music and much more.

Alexa is the cloud-based application, so always add more and better functionalities with time. All you need is to connect the WIFI connection with Alexa App and you are all set to enjoy its amazing benefits.

How to Download Alexa App for Windows?

Alexa app is limited to the PC’s which are sold via Lenovo, HP, Aces but you can install the Alexa app in any PC. Below are the steps by which you can follow to download  Alexa app for windows.

  • To download Alexa app, Firstly, download Amazon Alexa Win32 app version from the
  • Important – the link is not an official link.
  • Scan the downloaded file and check for antivirus. After that run the downloaded file inside ZIP archive and then accept “User Account Control Prompt”. Now, follow the Prompt and get Alexa app downloaded for your Windows PC.  
  • Now, go to the  Alexa Setting and then enable the Launch app on sing into your PC if you want Alexa to be launched when you log in to the  Windows Account.
  • Note – You require to install  Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 on your system to use Alexa. If it is not installed in your system you not need to worry as setup will automatically install it. Alexa App for Windows 10 is ready to us.

Important – By following the same procedure, you can also download the Alexa app Windows 7 version.

How to download Alexa app for Android?

With Amazon Alexa app, you can convert the smartphone into a  service controller by which you can control any smart device at your home, Alexa app is controlled by the Alexa system . You can use the application to manage the smart devices listening music and much more.

To download the Alexa app for Android, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps :

  • First of all, visit the google play store on your Android.
  • Now, type Amazon Alexa in the search box, present at the top and click ok.
  • Now, check whether your device has sufficient memory to download the application or not.
  • Once you have checked, click on download button.
  • You Alexa app will get Alexa app android download and you are all set to use Alexa app for Android. 

Note-to use the Alexa app for Android, you need Amazon account, if you don’t have one, then you can create the new account. After creating the new account? ( login), you can use Alexa app by signing in. kindly all the term and conditions carefully.

How to download Alexa app for MAC?

Amazon Alexa app can add the number of features to Alexa voice-controlled system and customize the experience of the user. With this app, the user can listen to his favorite songs, read the news, get updates and much more.

So, if you want to download these amazing benefits that get Alexa App for MAC now. For downloading the Alexa app, just follow the given steps.

  • On MAC, first, visit the supported play store.
  • Now, search for Amazon Alexa in supported play store’s search box.
  • Your Amazon Alexa app is there to download, once you click the install button, you Alexa app for MAC will start getting downloaded automatically.
  • Once downloading and installation gets completed, your app is ready to open.
  • Now open the app, and sign-in with your Amazon Account login credentials.
  • If you do not have Amazon account then create the one now.

Important –  Read all term and conditions properly before using the Alexa app.

Alexa Most Common Issues

Amazon Alexa is featured are quite impressing and smart. But, here we are talking about the technology, so issues will be always there. Let’s have a look at some common problems that you might face while using Alexa:

Alexa not Understanding your Query

Sometime Alexa might respond you back with an apology that “ I am sorry, I don’t understand the question”. It doesn’t matter how hard you are trying, but sometimes Alexa does not understand.

If this issue is very common with you, then you can try to calibrate your voice with the help of voice training tool. If this is also not helping you out, then you can contact us for the Alexa customer support.

Echo Activation Issues

The default wake word for the Echo and Dot devices is “Alexa”, which might get triggered sometimes with your radio broadcast and television commercial. If your echo is placed near to your television and you are watching any video about the echo then it might get activated by listening to the wake word. You can change the wake word to get rid of this problem.

WIFI Connection is Not Working

There can be different factors behind this problem from poor connectivity to wrong security credentials. On the bottom of the backside of your device, there is power LED which is WIFI connection indicator. If it is white for them, your WIFI is working and if it is orange then there is no network connectivity.

Bluetooth Connection is not Working

Sometimes, there can be Bluetooth connectivity issues, to tackle this problem, you can unpair and repair the device. For this, go to setting and then Alexa app, now click on the Bluetooth option and clear the paired devices.

If you are still facing the problem with Alexa, then contact our customer support for technical guidance @ +1-855-719-1792.

Getting error while setup Alexa app for pc

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