How to Set up Amazon Echo Connect?

Echo Plus is a Hands-free speaker which can be controlled with your voice and a simple way to start with your smart home. Echo plus is built in  “Zigbee Smart Home Hub” that allows you to have a direct and simple setup of compatible Zigbee lights, plugs, locks and the inwall switched from the brands like GE, Philips Hue, and yale.

For this, you do not require any additional hub.  you can connect the Echo Plus speaker to Alexa which is cloud-based voice service to make calls, play music, set alarms, provide news, weather forecast and many other supported features.

Here are all steps that you need to perform to set up the Echo Connect:

For Amazon echo connect setup, Sign up for the Alexa calling and messaging with your smartphone. You can get more details regarding the requirements of the device by choosing the “Sign Up for Alexa calling and Messaging”.

Make sure that your VoIP and Phone service setup is complete.

Now, place your Echo Connect in the location which is closer to the phone jack, power outlet, and the WIFI router. It is not required to close to the present echo devices and handsets.

Turn On your Echo Connect

Plugin the power adapter to Echo Connect and after that into the power outlet. The power LED light which is on the top of the device will be solid when the device has power.

Connect to the phone jack

Now, plug the one end of telephone cable included into the back side of Echo Connect  and plug another end to:

A wifi router  ( for the digital phone service).
A standard telephone jack (for the landline phone service).
Analog telephone adapter  ( to get VoIP phone service).

Tip– For sharing the phone jack between handset and Echo connect, make use of the included splitter.  You can also plug the splitter with your Echo Connect. For example – “one splitter port for connecting the phone jack (on the VoIP adapter, wall, and router) and the remaining port for connecting the home phone.

Complete the WIFI set up in the Alexa app of your smartphone.

In Alexa app, go to the menu and choose the Alexa devices and then Add Alexa Device. After that, follow the instructions.

Important – If there are no compatible Echo devices on the account, then you will get the error at the time of your echo connect setup process.

Amazon Echo Connect  Support

Amazon Echo Connect allows you to connect the existing VoIP and phone line to a device and allows the echo speaker to act like a speakerphone. Through your Echo Device, you can ask Alexa to make a call, and Alexa will dial the number through Echo connect and by using the landline.

Echo connect allow customers to make a call to anyone they want through a voice command. Sometimes there can be issues as even the best technology has flaws and same is with Echo Connect.

But, you do not need to get stressed out as echo connect customer service is available for you 24/7. So if you need Echo Connect Support, call us now.

Some common issues with Amazon Echo connect

Not getting connected to the wifi.
Echo connect is not working
No power light on the device.
Less clarity in voice
Alexa is not connecting
Alexa is not understanding.

You might have bad calling experience through  Echo connect because of these issues. Therefore customer support is needed. So, if your echo connect not working and you need  Amazon echo connect help to sort out the troubles, then you can call us at echo connect customer service number @ +1-855-719-1792.

Our experienced technicians are always there to give you the best solution. So, call us now and get the desired solution for all your echo to connect related issues.

Getting error while setup Alexa app for pc

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