Amazon Echo is one of the smart and successful smart home gadgets, providing users with a number of facilities to make their daily lives more convenient and easy.

However, there are certain issues with Amazon Echo Smart Speaker one of the most irritating issue that user commonly face is that Amazon echo is not responding and understanding.

If you are one of those users who is facing the same problem,(Amazon Echo Does not Respond) then you can consider the following points to sort out your issues.

Reasons Why Amazon Echo Does not Respond?

Check the light ring, it should not be red

Light ring in the Amazon Echo device tells the number of things. Blue light or spinning cya light means, the user has said the wake word, the orange light indicates that the device is trying to connect the wireless network, voile light indicate WIFI setup issues.

Make use of voice training tool

Alexa Voice recognition capabilities have an ability to improve more than user interacts, but with Voice training tool Amazon Echo can understand better, that what is user saying.

The user can also check out the history to get an idea that which word is not understood by the device so that user can speak clearly and better words and Amazon Echo device respond back to the user on time.

Place at the ideal location

Interface issues can be the reason behind no response from your Amazon Echo Device.

Place your Echo device at the ideal location at least in a gap of 8 inches from the appliances and walls and place it on the high location so that it can hear the commands easily and respond back accordingly.

Replacement of LED/Microphone board

If the problem still exists after trying all these mentioned solutions, then chances are there that issue is with Microphones, so it will be better to replace the microphone.

So, if your Amazon Echo does not respond, you can consider the following suggestions to mitigate the issues, but if it still not work then you can contact our technical support team +1-877-690-9305 as the experienced technicians can definitely help you out in the mitigation of these issues.

Contact Alexa technician when Alexa won’t respond echo dot or echo dot speaker not working.