Amazon Echo is a device which allows you to perform any task of controlling the home appliances to the listening song. You can ask your device to give a weather forecast, news and much more.

This device works upon the speech recognition where Alexa listen to your queries and provide the instant details.

For enjoying all these features, you require to download the Alexa app fist.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits. All you need is to the configuration of your smartphone with Amazon Echo.

In case, your Amazon Echo not turning on, you do not need to get stressed out as we will provide the proper guidelines to solve this issue.

The Possible Reasons Behind Amazon Echo not Turning On are:

Improper plugged in

You might not have inserted the power card fully into the Amazon Echo.

Check whether the power adapter is connected properly if it is connected check for the power supply.

Broken power cable

Check for the damage in power cable and if there is any damage.

Then replace the cable immediately as this could be the reason that your Amazon Echo not turning on.

Faults in Speaker and Power Board

In the Amazon Echo, there is a circuit board which manages the power. It might be defected need to be replaced.

Motherboard failure

The entire circuit and logic boards are controlled by the motherboard and if it gets fail.

Then there can be an issue of Amazon echo not turning on.

So, check the problem and if required then replace the motherboard.

If you Amazon device not turning on, you can try the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that you are using the 9W power adapter. The other available adapters like (mobile phone charges) are not able to provide enough power that Amazon Echo gets turn on and works correctly.
  • Press the action button and check that whether the echo is responding back to your queries or not.
  • Check whether there is proper power supply nor not as if Amazon echo not turning on, this can help you.
  • The above-mentioned steps can help you to sort you the amazon echo not turning on issues. Follow the steps and get your problem solved.  Even if you are still not getting satisfaction, you can contact us at our Customer support number  @ +1-877-213-7013 to get technical guidance from our experienced technicians.