While using the Alexa device, you might have the issues of  Alexa Language errors 15:1:26:0:2 due to which you are unable to configure the Alexa language. But you do not need to worry, just follow the mentioned steps and the issue of Alexa language error will get sorted out.

Unable to configure device language

Step 1

On browser (not on the Alexa App), log in to the Amazon account. Now go to the Setting tab and select “manage your content and devices” option.

Step 2

Now change the country setting to “US”. You might be required to create the dummy address for US country.  If the US country address is not there in the address list, then create the country address.

Step 3

Restart the process of connecting the Alexa app with echo devices and use “English(US)” as the default language. This will take you to the process of establishing the connection between your echo device and home wifi ( now, you will be able to do the tasks on the app as the resident of your country).

Once your WIFI is enabled, the device will start downloading the language pack by its own in approx 30 minutes.

Step 4

Now, Deregister the Echo Device from the Alexa app. Go to the “settings” <<“your echo device”<<”device is registered to” and after that deregister your device.

Step 5

Change the country settings in the Amazon Account back to “your country name”.

Step 6

Follow the connection process again through the “Alexa app” with Echo, but this time, choose English(followed in your country) and you will be able to connect the Amazon (your country name ) account.

So, if you are unable to change Alexa language, follow these steps and the problem will get solved. If you still have issues with Amazon echo change language, you can contact us +1-877-213-7013.